Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another follow-up

I had another follow-up appointment last week and everything is good. This was not a scan (that will be in November). He told me that I will continue with this scan and follow-up schedule for the next 5 years. Wait. Now, when I started this, it was 2 years. Now its five? But you told me that I had to wait 2 years to start having kids. I assumed it was because I had a scan every 6 months and I can't be pregnant when I have a scan. And now you say 5 years? Yep five years. The catch (or anti-catch) is that after 2 years (when the chance of the cancer coming back is the highest) we can start trying. And if we are trying when it comes time for a scan, they do a pregnancy test and if I am pregnant, no scan. If not, scan's a go. So, there you go. Now mom, this does not mean that I will be getting pregnant ASAP. Sorry. But at least I know that it is up to me. I can do it, or not do it (hehe) to my hearts desire. That makes me feel good.

Also my thyroid is fine. The meds are working great, and my dosage did not change. Yay for levothyroxin.