Monday, October 25, 2010

Eyelash Update

Tomorrow marks one year since my last treatment. I am excited to be going to a birthday party tonight, to celebrate again that I am all done. That I made it through something I thought would never happen to me. And here I am, on the other side, good as new (or close), one year later.

But the reason for this update is to tell you about my eyelashes. Most of you will remember that along with all my hair, I also lost all my eyelashes and eyebrows. That was the hardest part. Being bald was something I could handle. I liked the scarves, and aside from it being pretty cold in the winter, I could have dealt with that for a lot longer if I would have had my eyelashes. They made me feel human. Without them, and without makeup I looked like an alien, pretending to be a woman.

I was more excited about their return than about anything else. And when they were back in full force, and I had long beautiful lashes again, it didn't matter that my hair was only an inch long, or that it was not coming back red, none of that was an issue, because, LOOK HOW PRETTY I AM!! And then, they all fell out again. At first I was heart broken. Why all at once? Everyone looses lashes, but usually one or two at a time, and it is a continuous process of loosing and growing all your life. I had the unusual experience of having my lashes all fall out at the same time, and then all grow in at the same time. So now, when they start to go, I know that they will all go eventually.

I was getting a little tired of this process repeating itself every 3 months or so, but I was resigned when it happened this time. But! Progress! This time, they fell out more slowly, so by the time I was loosing clumps of lashes I had new ones already coming in! So now, about 90% of my long lashes are gone, but I also have about 90% new, little lashes ready to take their place. It makes me feel like fewer people will notice my thinning lashes with these little ones coming in full and thick.

And in a couple weeks when they are all long and beautiful again, I would not turn away a couple of well placed compliments. :)

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  1. What?!?! You're eyelashes have fallen out since you've been done with chemo? I don't get it! So not fair. I'm sorry, I know what you mean, I hated not having eyelashes.