Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Not a whole lot has been going on, so I decided to just list some of the smaller events in the last week or so.

* After feel really good for two days after my treatment, I felt like crap Wednesday and most of Thursday.

* That being said, all of my side effects have been less severe than the previous treatment. Let's hope that is a trend till I am done.

* The ladies in the ward made me a cute little purple butterfly quilt in Daytime Enrichment. I love it. It is the perfect church quilt.

* I have had a stomach ache for a couple days now and it is starting to frustrate me. I want to feel good!!

* I have Friday and Saturday off for the 4th, and have no plans, so someone make plans with me!! (that wasn't cancer related, but I thought I would put it out there.)

* I saw my cancer doctor, Dr. Harker on a The Truth: Anti-tobacco commercial the other day, but I just caught the end, and have not seen it again. I know it was him, and I am going to ask him about it on Monday.

* Please send ideas for bald Halloween costumes. I am going to get a jump start on this.

* I know they are going to want to schedule a PET/CT scan soon to see if the cancer is all gone yet, and I think that worries me more than some of my treatments have. Is that weird?

* I walked in the survivors lap of the Relay For Life and they gave me a T-shirt and a picture frame and took my picture for reasons unknown. Texas Roadhouse catered and I had a larger than expected support group. It was a great experience, and I think I will try and be part of the team next year.


  1. Hey! My whole family is ditching us for the fourth! We could hang out!
    Sorry you feel like crap but I am TOTALLY going to start thinking of bald halloween costumes! You have me so excited for Halloween now!

  2. The only bald halloweenish person I can think of is Fester from the Addams Family, LOL! I'll keep thinking, but I'm not that creative. Maybe you can be a crystal ball, bowling ball, a "bald" point pen, I don't know, lol- but now I'm excited for halloween as well!

  3. Lena, You are always welcome out to the house for breakfast. We have a big pot luck breakfast every year. It starts at 9am. We would love to see you.

  4. The neighborhood breakfast will be on Saturday too. So you have lots of options for breakfast. I'm sure Dad will be cooking. And he's even said we can go watch fireworks somewhere!

  5. As for a costume, the Deltan Lt. Ilia would be perfect. Nik could be "Decker Unit" and it would be so cute!