Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PET CT Scan #2

Hello everyone Nik here!

Just so you know Lena is having a PET CT Scan again today. They said they would do it about half way through her treatment. So here we are back at they good old "Deathstar" the IMC. She was most worried about drinking the Contrast...the scan itself is nothing. She has been really funny about it but I dont blame her. She is also getting some test on her Lungs but I am unsure about that. Maybe I will update when she gets back.

UPDATE: We will find out on Monday the results of the Scan. We think the Lung test is a Pulminary something...or other....


  1. So the PETCT Scan will tell if the treatment is working? Or at least making progress?? Let us know!! I'm crossing my fingers!

  2. PLEASE update! I've been wondering when she was getting this done. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  3. I hope it went alright sweetheart! We are missing you and wishing you could be here this week!