Friday, October 16, 2009

I am posting this on the cancer blog cause it is from a cancer friend. She is starting an etsy shop with matching skirts and hats for little girls and their dolls. But she posted these awesome princess dresses made for the American Girl size dolls. I thought, hey! I have some little girls who have dolls, and some that actually have American Girl dolls. Please check out her blog, even if its just to oogle the great little dresses.

Amy Kisses Mike


  1. you are so sweet to post that! Thankyou!-

  2. It's 1:38 am, and I just got done reading your entire blog. wow. man, so many emotions, I know what you are talking about- it's so nice to know other people know what it's like. So I'm curious- before this, did you have night sweats? I've had them for years. And the hot flashes, I had those alot too, adn I remember thinking, "I'm too young to be getting these". And I would tell people I was going through menopaus. I'm so glad you're almost done. I'm tired now- i'm off to bed!- oh- what stage were you in? and where was it? in your chest lymphnodes? was there a visible lump somewhere? my email is if you want to email me. or just comment on my blog- but I really want to know.

  3. why will you not be able to have kids for 2 years? my doctor said 6 months after chemo.