Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So I have been thinking even more about how much I have been blessed through this whole situation. I was minimally sick (never threw up), and most of the side effects were about gone by the time I finished the treatments. Not all of them, of course, but about everything eased up after a few months. Reading about my friends that are going through, or went through the same thing, I almost feel guilty that I did not have it worse. Like, who am I to get out of having the same problems? I am not any better than Meg. How come she has to have thrush? Amy is a wonderful person, why did she get so sick? Even having gone through it, I would do it again in a heart beat if it meant that someone I loved didn't have to do it. I know that will never be a solution, but I really hate to hear about others that are doing the same thing. Also, I really don't like to think about it anymore. Reading these other blogs is like masochism, I hate to think that I did that, but I have to know how they are doing. I rejoiced when Amy had her last treatment, and I am worried for Meg and the decision she is facing. I have never met them, but I am invested in their lives.

Good luck ladies!


  1. You are so good. Thankyou for all your words. I have thought the same thing with meg, because I think she has thrown up- and I never did. It does sound like though that you have more energy than we do. You are going to work! There is no way I could go to work, school anything right now. Going to the store wears me out. You must be a REALLY strong person. I understand though if you don't want to read our blogs- because then it's like reliving it all over again. I wrote Meg regularly, and then after my last chemo, I didn't write to her for a long time, maybe a month, because I just didn't want to be around cancer. But i feel the same as what you said- I'm invested- I know about both of you, and I can't let go, maybe later we will, but for now, it's still really close to me. That is so funny you colored your hair orange. I'm going to post my hair. It's filling in pretty good. It's just those stupid eyebrows and eyelashes that are giving me grief.

  2. You are cute Lena! I don't know why I have to have thrush every time either! Talk about crap. I don't blame you for not wanting to read my blog... it's depressing. When I'm done with this I'm not going to want anything to do with cancer!! Seriously! That's partly why I'm taking a "break" because I'm so sick of hearing myself talk about cancer. I'm going to have to start reading your normal blog so that I can talk to you about stuff other than cancer. We can be real friends instead of cancer friends. I'm invested too. I still want to see how you and Amy are doing even though you are done with your treatments. I want to see what you guys do with your happy healthy selves!!!