Friday, September 11, 2009

My husband loves me

Nik: "Good job for eating ice cream so you can gain weight!"

Me: "I think I am one of the only women in the world that is ok with her husband telling her that."

Nik: "Love you."


  1. Lena,

    This is off subject, but I have read your blog over the last week. My daughter sent it to me and I understand you have contacted her. I want to say THANK YOU for being someone she can learn from as she starts her journey through Hodgkins. She is far away from me and I worry about her and how she will manage this with a hubbie in school, a mom 700 miles away and a 2 year old. But she is amazing and I know she will. Good luck as you finish up your treatments. You have a great smile - we bank at your credit union.
    Kathy B

  2. Thank Heavens for Nik!!! What an amazing support for you, not to mention someone who can keep you laughing through all this. Thank Heavens for Nik! I love ya both!