Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 4

A little better today. Not 100% yet, but not so crappy like yesterday. My jaw hurts today. Like the pain you get in a tooth with a small cavity. Its weird. They said there can be dental problems with the chemo, but I hope they don't last. So far eating has only made me feel better, which I hope continues. Nik took me out to Astro Burger for my favorite grilled cheese and fries last night, and it was awesome. It came at a small price though, cause we took his car since mine was out of gas, and ended up stuck for a little while. Luckily Tyler was on his way to meet us anyway, and figured out a way to trip the lever that was sticking it in park. All is well. I think I am on the mend.

That was kind of rambly, but there you go.


  1. yay for on the mend! I hope it continues!

  2. Lena- gosh I never know what to say, only that I really appreciate you keeping a journal. It's interesting to read, and my heart is with you all the way. :)