Friday, May 1, 2009

Bone Marrow Biopsy Part 2

It's true, the bone marrow thing was not nearly as bad as I had thought it would be. The back of my left hip is still pretty sore, but there is no lasting damage. And I slept fine. Mom can attest to coming out of the drugs just fine. She spent most of the day with me and I think she may have been questioning the necessity of that visit toward the end. Thanks for keeping me company Mom!!!

Speaking of the pain in my hip...last night, around 10pm I decided that I had not taken anything for the pain yet and it was getting close to bed time so maybe I should. I got myself two Advil, a glass of water and sat down on the couch. About 2 minutes later I was wondering what I did with my Advil. I could not remember taking it, but I had my water, and could not locate the pills. I said out loud (Nik was with me):

"Huh, I hope I actually took that Advil, cause I can't find it and I don't want to take more."

To which Nik replied "You're not supposed to take Advil!!"

"Since when?"

"Since your thing today! I told you like 5 times today. I even asked you if we had any Tylenol and you said, yes, we have a big bottle of it!"

"I don't remember this! You can't tell me important stuff while I am under anesthesia!"

"I thought you were awake! They told you not to take it for like a week cause it thins your blood and that is bad for this procedure."

"I don't remember this."

Oh well. I hope that one (potential) dose of Advil will not do too much harm.


  1. *giggle* silly Lena. I'm glad it's not causing you too much pain.

  2. I hope your brain is working again now! Maybe you should have Nik monitor your meds during all this!

  3. I have a lifetime ban on Advil and Aspirin too, for the same blood thinning reason. It is a pain literally because Tylenol doesn't work as well Advil on some things.

  4. I'm glad things are going well. I'm praying for you everyday. Thanks for the update.

  5. Of course you could be like my buddy Shawn and give yourself your pill while giving the dog his pill at the same time.
    Calls to the vet and Doctor (who both found it hilarious) everything is okay - and I think his hair is shinier now too.

  6. Glad you have "fun stuff" alternating the chemo doses. We're praying for the two of you!

  7. Lena, I just have to tell you that I am WAAAAY impressed with how optimistic you are throughout this whole thing! What a neat blog to read. Very informational and progressional, and I'm just in awe that the tone is so upbeat. Very neat. We are keeping you in our prayers, and also Nik and the rest of your family. And lol on this post- I hope it didn't do any damage. :)

  8. Nods nods, I understand, I also have those experiences. I'm glad your mom had been with you.

  9. WOW! You two seem so strong through all of this. You will be in my prayers and I hope you know you can call me if you need anything... Meals, house cleaned, a visit. Please call me if you need help. Love you both!