Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back at Work

Yep, I'm back. Bandage on my neck and everything. I am hiding with a scarf cause not everyone at work knows, and I don't want to tell that story 10 more times. I am hoping to make it to the meeting in a week to let everyone else know. Wish me luck.

I should find out today what the first diagnosis is. Whether is it a 'car' or not. If it is a 'car' (cancer) I will get started on treatment very soon. In fact, I should have an appointment with the oncologist already, but of course I am putting that off. Bad thing to put off, and I will probably get chewed out again if I get the call from my doctor and I don't have that appointment yet. And Nik, he would chew me out too.

(Ok, made the appointment. 3:45 on the 23rd.)

I was on a steady dose of Loratab yesterday but I have switched to Advil so I could come to work. I will need to keep on a strict schedule for it to work like the heavier stuff was. Oh, and the doctor didn't even give me a script for new pills, he said I could just use the ones I had and call if I needed more. I though that was nice. Not making me pay for pills I didn't need.

Ok, more later.


  1. so glad to hear it went well. i'll keep checking in on you. take care - and we'll keep you in our prayers. :)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to work. Don't overdo it though!

  3. Quality scarf idea! I am glad you're well enough to head to work, esp if it helps to get your mind off things. I never heard back from you about dinner. I can do any night but monday.. how does Tuesday night sound??

  4. I'm glad you made your appointment. I would hate for you to be chewed out multiple times (there is a strong possibility that I would have joined in the chewing out. . . I do like a little conflict in my life). I'm glad you are making it through work and I hope you aren't wiped out by Activity Days tonight. If you need to take the Loratab, just let me know. I think Activity Days might actually go BETTER if you are drugged up ;) But seriously, I can pick up Maggie and drive you home if you are on narcotics tonight.